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ROYVLIMAGING ACADEMY 是一所专门全方位打造个人形象、提高修养素质、礼仪、社交技巧、艺术表演等的特别培训学校。该校由多位资深教育局认可,教师执照老师授课、帮助学生增进知识、拓宽视野、发挥潜能、提高社交技能、融入社会、多种课程专门针对学生量身制订、 学校分为教育系和艺术系

ROYVL IMAGING ACADEMY is a specialized training school dedicated comprehensively to build a personal image, to cultivate personal qualities, to improve etiquette, social skills, and art performances. A number of Senior Licensed Teacher recognized by local school board would love to help students enhance their knowledge, broaden their vision, develop their potential, improve their social skills, and make their social integration. A variety of courses are tailored specifically for students, the School is divided into the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts.


Imaging Academy